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I wrote the following script to generate several plot in a for loop which works well:

stat <- list.files("D:/...", pattern = "met")

par(mfrow = c(4, 4))
for (x in stat) {
plot((assign(x, read.csv(x, head=TRUE, sep=""))),typ="l", col="red")

What I would like to achieve now is to add the title of each graph recursively according to the name of the file that is read.

Hope this is clear,


P.S. I also have another curiosity but I will leave this maybe for after.


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Does adding the title (main) argument to plot do what you're looking for?

plot((assign(x, read.csv(x, head=TRUE, sep=""))),typ="l", col="red", main=x)

edited for OPs comment

you can use gsub for this.

plot((assign(gsub('\\.txt', '', x), 
      read.csv(x, head=TRUE, sep=""))),
     main=gsub('\\.txt', '', x))

However, the looping assign construct you're using is a dangerous one to get in the habit of using. Usually this would be done by reading all the files in as a list and then lapply across them, or some variation on that theme.

You should be able to skip the assign step altogether unless you're doing additional processing after this plot step.

plot(read.csv(x, head=TRUE, sep=""),
     main=gsub('\\.txt', '', x))
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Thanks a lot, works perfectly. But I have another question. Since the name of the file finish with .txt i will also have this in the title: is there a way to remove this and keep just the part of the title that I need. Hope this is clear. Thanks again –  g256 Jul 3 '12 at 16:23
This would be best added as a different question, but see my edits. –  Justin Jul 3 '12 at 16:25
Thanks, this is what I was searching for. –  g256 Jul 3 '12 at 16:44

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