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I created the following cron job yesterday to run every Tuesday at 12:01 AM (I think), but it did not run last night. Running the command as I have it in the cron file works. What did I get wrong here?

1 0 * * 2 python2.7 /path/to/django/ my_command > /path/to/file.log

EDIT: I wasn't including the log redirect and I'm guessing that might be important. Should it be >>

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did you check the environment? Try cat /etc/crontab to check the shell, $PATH etc – ev-br Jul 3 '12 at 16:36

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Possibly python2.7 is not in the default PATH that cron provides to the jobs it spawns, as @Zhenya points out. Usually cron logs somewhere, but it seems to vary by distribution - on my Debian box, syslog redirects these entries to /var/log/syslog, but it may be a different log file on your box. Check to see what errors cron may be complaining about...

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