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I am getting familiar with c++/cli. I am writing a function called Locate with a class called Locator. The function that takes input a dictionary of strings.

Dictionary<String^, array< Byte >^>^ Locate(Dictionary<String^, String^>^ imgParms) 

I am trying to call it in the main function by doing this:

Locator r;

Dictionary<String^,String^> myDictionary = 
               gcnew Dictionary<String^,String^>();


but I am getting this error

error C3073: 'System::Collections::Generic::Dictionary<TKey,TValue>' : ref class does        
not have a user-defined copy constructor with
              TKey=System::String ^,
              TValue=System::String ^

Any help would be appreciated.

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Dictionary<String^,String^> myDictionary = 
               gcnew Dictionary<String^,String^>();

Should be

Dictionary<String^,String^>^ myDictionary = 
               gcnew Dictionary<String^,String^>();

the ^ symbol can be thought of as a type modifier like * do gcnew is returning you ax^ to type x

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Thanks a lot it worked. if I want to assign the return value of the fucntion to a dictionary, would I be able to do this? Dictionary<String^,String^>^ myResult = gcnew Dictionary<String^,String^>(); myResult=r.Locate(myDictionary); – fmvpsenior Jul 3 '12 at 18:38
I meant Dictionary<String^,array< Byte >^>^ myResult = gcnew Dictionary<String^,array< Byte >^>(); – fmvpsenior Jul 3 '12 at 19:20

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