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I have an XML file that holds information about retail stores in a particular city and their locations but I'm having some trouble retrieving data from it. The problem is I can find stores by their names by looping through the name elements but I don't know how to get the corresponding addresses once I find the stores I'm looking for. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm using REXML as my main XML module. Here's what my XML file and my code look like


    <address>2136 56th Avenue</address>
    <name>Convenience Store</name>
    <address>503 East Avenue</address>
    <address>212 Main Street</address>


xml_file.elements.each('stores/store/name') do |name|
  if input == name
    print name + "\n"
    #code to retrieve the address
    print address + "\n\n"
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xml_file = Document.new File.new("myxml.xml")

xml_file.elements.each("stores/store") do |element| 
  if element.attributes["name"] == input
    puts element.attributes["address"]

attributes are for

<store store_name="mystore" 

to get


Edit, sorry try this

xml_file.elements.each("stores/store") do |element| 
  if element.name.text == input
    puts element.address.text

Based on comment, the correct syntax is dialog.elements['name'].text

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When I first took a look at the code I thought it might just work but whenever I call element.attributes["name"] it returns a empty value. –  Walker Jul 3 '12 at 17:24
It didn't quite work with "element.name.text" but I got it to work using "dialog.elements['name'].text" Thanks for the help though! –  Walker Jul 3 '12 at 18:13

Here's my take. '//name/..' selects the parent node of the all the 'name' nodes. The if statement is checking the text of the name node against your input (matched_names in this example). Display or store the name and address data as you will in the rest of the block:

matched_names = ['Convenience Store', 'Pharmacy']

doc.elements.each('//name/..') do |parent|
  if (matched_names.include? parent.elements['name/text()'].to_s)
    puts parent.elements['name']
    puts parent.elements['address']
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