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I'm currently developing a search & replace function for my application and I want it to be able to replace a specified string at the beginning/end of a string. For example:

string = "DadaLalaDada"


string = "DuduLalaDada"

when a search & replace at the beginning of the string with

search  = "Dada"
replace = "Dudu"

is performed.

How can I do this in MySQL? I use REPLACE to hit every occurrence in a string, but how to perform this only at the beginning/end?

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Theoretically, you could potentially create a MySQL function that searches the first X characters (X being the length of the searched string) to see if it should be replaced. Also, the MySQL LOCATE() command might be helpful. – Quantastical Jul 3 '12 at 17:03
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If you're willing to have the relevant values appear multiple times in your query, this seems to work:

select tab.val, 
concat(replace(substring(tab.val, 1, char_length('Dada')), 'Dada', 'Dudu'),
    substring(tab.val, char_length('Dada') + 1)) as replace_beginning,
concat(substring(tab.val, 1, char_length(tab.val) - char_length('Dada')),
    replace(substring(tab.val, -char_length('Dada')), 'Dada', 'Dudu')) as replace_end
from ( select "DadaLalaDada" as val union select "BlahDadaBlah" ) as tab


| val          | replace_beginning | replace_end  |
| DadaLalaDada | DuduLalaDada      | DadaLalaDudu |
| BlahDadaBlah | BlahDadaBlah      | BlahDadaBlah |
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