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I initialized a local heroku repo inside my project folder and it gave some random name. I didn't want that name so I renamed the app name in the remote heroku website to my project folder name. But now if I want to add some addons from commandline it(heroku) always looks for the old name & comes out with error saying ' old-name app not found'.

I copied the old-name though it doesnt exist physically (only inside the heroku config, I dont know where it is so I could modify manually) and tried the heroku apps:rename newname --app oldname

So I want to delete my local heroku initialization inside my project folder & do it again from start. Guide me please.


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Heroku will, if one is not explicitly specified with --app, attempt to determine the app name by looking at the git remotes.

heroku apps:rename will handle updating your repository's remotes for you, but as you'll observe, doing it via the site will mean you'll need to update your git remotes manually (you'll need to do that anyway if you have other clones)

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Ok I found a solution.

I renamed my remore heroku repo to the old-name and did the renaming using commandline with

heroku apps:rename "new-name" --app "old-name"

And its done!

But I want to know where heroku was looking locally as it was able to see the old name and still was thinking it was the name, in otherwords I would like to know where/ which file does heroku store the local name of the project.

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