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I'm trying to figure out how to write the jquery so that upon swiping right it will load the previous sibling and swiping left it will load the next sibling. I'm a JS noob.


     Pane 1
     Pane 2
     Pane 3
     Pane 4

I have the below JQuery working. But I really would like it to just load the prev and next siblings. Swipe a .pane and get the next or previous.

$("#pane1").swiperight(function() {
    $('#active-pane').load("/additional-info #pane2").fade("slow");
    return false
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you can do it by changing page with slide transition on swiperight/swipeleft events.

 $(".ui-page").swiperight(function() {
    $.mobile.changePage( $('#'+getNextPageId()), 
                         { transition: "slide", reverse:false});

 $(".ui-page").swipeleft(function() {
    $.mobile.changePage( $('#'+getPrevPageId()), 
                         { transition: "slide", reverse:true});

full demo: http://jsfiddle.net/nachiket/MsP4u/

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