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I am building a photo portfolio website using wordpress and editing an existing theme. I worked on it in firefox and checked a few times throughout at the styling in IE and it was always fine. But having basically finished I looked at it today and it in IE and it is totally messed up. None of the boxes on the main page are lined up right.

I tried using the code in the header to have IE render it as IE7 and that generally worked but it made some other little problems. I am not sure if the problem is my doctype. I don't really know what it should be, or if I changed something along the way that messed it up.

The site works perfectly in all other browsers that I have tried

Here is the site. http://theshalomimaginative.com/blog/


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Youre <h3> tags aren't closed. One of the few instances where IE is actually rendering things correctly ;) Other browsers will allow us to make mistakes like this, but IE is more strict.

Never forget the value of validating your code!

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Yay! thanks. That fixed it. just overlooked it. –  TheImaginative Jul 3 '12 at 19:54
we all do from time to time! if you wouldn't mind, please check the answer answered :) –  kristina childs Jul 3 '12 at 19:57

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