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I am trying to filter a points layer to only show points within a given radius. I have determined the best method to do this is a CQL_FILTER using DWITHIN. When I set this param and then load the map, I get broken tiles. Here is the snippet of my code in question:

var elecs = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(
    layers: "UVC:Elec_3790",
    transparent: "true",
    format: "image/png",
    cql_filter: "DWITHIN(the_geom, Point(-79, 39), 50, kilometers)"
    {isBaseLayer: false, visibility: true}

Removing the cql_filter line loads the map normally again but without a radius filter.

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Not sure about the broken tiles, but GeoServer only supports unit of measure based searches if the data backend is Oracle at the moment (as of version 2.2-RC1)

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Not even postgres will work, only with Oracle. Adding full support for units, and metric distances over data in lat/lon is possible, but no trivial. We have been waiting for someone to pour the days of work needed on this for quite a bit of time, or someone that would sponsor the development, but no one popped up so far. – Andrea Aime Jul 6 '12 at 20:07

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