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I am working on the data access in C++ ATL/COM. How do you pass a nullable type (e.g. nullable integer) in an interface???

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Seems that we need to use variant_t (stackoverflow.com/questions/1987261/…)... In other words my entity will be full of variants... which can be a pain. Is there a better solution? –  Telemat Jul 3 '12 at 18:01

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In ATL/C++ in in interfaces (IDL) you don't have nullable classes and support in language constructs (<type>? in C#). Nullable is basically the type itself and an extra BOOL indicating whether we currently have NULL or not.

One can implement a relatively simple template class to look - to extend possible - similarly to C# Nullable. On the interface this will be either two arguments, or as you discovered you can use VARIANT type since it already embeds payload value and .vt member indicating type. VT_NULL constant is what it says for itslef - the value of the whole variant is null.

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I'm accessing database within the component and therefore I believe using variant is probably the best option (since ADO itself uses it). –  Telemat Aug 3 '12 at 11:18

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