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I want to be able to track a person through their mobile phone and display those whereabouts on a website. I read some stuff here about Safari and iPhone.

What I need is a starting point in the sense of what is possible, and if it is only possible for certain phones. I can ask a lot of specific questions as I've read bits and pieces everywhere, but what I need is a general layout of what needs to be done and, if possible some of the steps to accomplish it.


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Well, if we assume you are starting from scratch, here is a high level list of things to figure out:

  • familiarise yourself with geolocation coordinates and the gps system. If you need to make sense of the raw location data, there is some math involved.

  • pick a location-aware mobile platform. Some phones will implement jsr-179, which is a JavaME API. In addition, you can get location data using python or C++ on Symbian phones. I suspect Android and iPhone both have their own location API.

  • figure out application deployment for the platform you picked. How does the mobile application get on the device? A phone manufacturer or network operator application store, a third party store like www.getjar.com, pre-installed on the phone via a partnership with the manufacturer or the network operator...plenty of options.

  • come up with a sensible way of packaging mobile location data and send it over the network to a remote server.

  • make a website to display the location data stored on the server.

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thanks, that was helpfull On the subject off different platforms, do you know by any chance wich one is the easyast to implement. Or wich combination? – Richard Jul 16 '09 at 2:52

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