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I'm sending the following json message via POST request:


I'm loading the json in django by json_message=simplejson.loads(request.raw_post_data) and I keep getting the following exception:

Expecting property name: line 2 column 1 (char 2)

Does anybody know what the issue is? I searched this online and not finding it. I was able to parse the exact same json message in another app using the Play! framework, so i'm not sure if there is something specific to django I'm missing?

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It was the quotes.

    "ID" : "17",
    "FIRST_NAME" : "John",
    "LAST_NAME" : "Doe",
    "TOKEN" : "8cdde0ef552e305cb44e143d3f8c742fb35caab8f360e7"

I tried it and it worked.

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