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I have a table with many fields out of which LastName and FirstName are two..

This table has around 2 million records..

So I thought of using Full text search.

Now my requirement is to search for a particular record with search criteria LastName and FirstName with combination of LastName and FirstName in the database table

..|Firstname    |Lastname     |..
  |george walker|bush         |
  |bill         |klinton      |

It should return the record if the combination of these two columns contains the extered search criteria

ie., FirstName=bush and LastName=walker or
FirstName=goerge and LastName=walker etc.

I cannot just use like

SELECT * FROM TableName where CONTAINS((LastName,FirstName),@LastName)
         and CONTAINS((LastName,FirstName),@FirstName)

because searching criteria FirstName and LastName can be null(SQL SERVER 2008 raises Error) or can have more than one word in it

How to solve the problem?

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please mention the reason for down-vote, if you can't provide an answer.. –  dotNETbeginner Jul 9 '12 at 14:12

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SELECT * FROM TableName where FirstName IS NOT NULL AND LastName IS NOT NULL (FirstName LIKE '%BUSH%' OR FirstName LIKE '%george%') AND LastName LIKE '%walker%'

Try that Did you want to allow or disallow nulls from results?

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with LIKE predicate I will not be able to make use of Full Text Search and it will be very slow compared to FullText search –  dotNETbeginner Jul 4 '12 at 2:08

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