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Eclipse has this great feature of searching text in Workspace(Ctrl+Alt+G), Project, File or Working Set.

The results are displayed neatly in a Search tab/view and when I double-click (i.e. mouse) a particular line, the file (in which that searched text is found) is open exactly at where the search text is.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for that double-click? To open the next one?

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There is not one keyboard shortcut to perform this action that I know of, but there are two of them that could work in sequence.

  1. Go to Window > Prefs > Keys
  2. Search for "Show view search"
  3. Set some custom keyboard shortcut because the default one is too long to be efficient (I like to use Alt+Shift+S)
  4. Perform your search
  5. With the search view in focus double-click the first result
  6. When you are ready to go to next item, use a keyboard shortcut to show search view again (Alt+Shift+S for me)
  7. Then press 'Ctrl+.'
  8. This shortcut will display the next result and open a new file is needed.

So with this sequence you can use two keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Shift+S then Ctrl+.) to do what you want.

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Many thanks +1 + Accept + 'Ctrl+.' :-) – Souper Jul 4 '12 at 3:59

Checkout the Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts PDF list for v2.1, v3.0, and v3.1 HERE

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+1 for the link to the cheat sheeets. – Souper Jul 4 '12 at 3:58

@gamerson has the right answer, but for the future I wanted to make sure you are aware of two key meta keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-Shift-L (Command-Shift-L on Mac) - Opens up a searchable list of available shortcuts.
  • Ctrl-3 (Command-3 on Mac) - Quick Access gives you a searchable, prioritized list of a bunch of stuff - commands, menu items, windows, tabs, etc. It's pretty darn useful.
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