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I have a form that acts as a filter to a list of inventory. The form works well but I have been using get in order for the user to flip through pages, for example:

<a href="<?php echo $i;?>&q=<?php echo $q;?>&srt=<?php echo $sort;?>">Next page</a>
 <?php } ?>

I am getting my data from XML and this is the way I've found works best. However, the form to filter is POST and if a user clicks next page and tries to use the filter afterwards(bunch of drop boxes) then It also uses the get-parameters that have been passed to the URL from the link.

Is there a way, that no form submit, It will reset all the parameters?

That would be preform submission, and once the form is submitted, it will look like this:

And there will be no GET variables for the page to get anymore.

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Yes, after you're done with your processing, call

header("Location: /used-cars/");

And it will redirect the user to the wanted page.

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Where would I add this php code? I'm not sure where to put it, the form submission reloads the current page. – Marc Jul 4 '12 at 15:35

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