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I want to add comment to the post by dajax technology in django, but this stuff doesn't work. Could you help me with that or tell a litle bit more how to use dajax in that example.


def add_comment(request):

`if request.method == 'POST':
    post_id = request.POST['post_id']    
    post_obj = Post.objects.get(id = post_id)
    error = {}
    iweb_obj = post_obj.topic.iweb  
    content = request.POST['content']
    img = request.POST['img']       
    if len(content) == 0:
        error[content] = 'Write something'
        new_comment = Comment(img=img, post=post_obj, content=content, author=request.user,       

        comment = render_to_response('comment.html',{'comment':new_comment})
        dajax = Dajax() 
        dajax.assign('#post-' +int(post_id)+ ' comments', innerHTML, comment)   
        return dajax.json() `

HTML post code where comments should be added underneath. table width="100%" id="post-{{ }}"

post is here

ul class="comments" {% include "comments.html" %} /ul


JS code, but comment_form is in another template.

$('.comment_form form').submit(function() {

    `var form = $(this);

    if($('textarea', form).val().length > 1) {
            $('textarea', form).val('');


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Some actual error messages would be of assistance - "this stuff doesn't work" is sort of a match for the cryptic Dajax error message "something goes wrong", but maybe there's some additional info you could provide.

I did notice that your js submit function has :

Dajax.progress   // which should be Dajax.process

Firebug or Chrome's console should help you pick up errors like that

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It's hard to see exactly what is going wrong without looking at your full code, but from what you've shown above, there are several problems I can see:

  1. You shouldn't use render_to_response to generate the value of comment. Unlike normal Django views, where you are returning an HttpResponse, here you are using Dajax.assign to set the actual contents of an HTML element to a string. Luckily Django provides just the template rendering function you need: render_to_string. Use that instead.

  2. In the Dajax.assign line, the selector you are using, e.g. '#post-23 comments' doesn't look like it corresponds to the HTML, where comments is a class not an element name.

  3. In the same line, innerHTML should be 'innerHTML' (i.e. quoted).

  4. As toasterleavings mentions, Dajax.progress should be Dajax.process.

For an annotated example of using Dajaxice/Dajax in a similar way, you may find my answer to Django and Ajax - What can I do? helpful.

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