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I made an iPhone application, and now I would like to make multiple more versions of the same application with very slightly different functionality.

I was wondering if anyone knew what the best way was to go about duplicating a project with as little decoupling (I think that's the right term) as possible.

Maybe someone out there who has made a LITE version of their iPhone application? How they went about doing it and what lessons they learned from it?

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Shoot, I'm sorry. Didn't find this when I was searching earlier, but looks like a lot of what I am looking for has already been answered here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/549462/how-do-i-manage-building-a-lite-vs-paid-version-of-an-iphone-app

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One low budget, low overhead approach that I've used that will keep things simple is as follows:

* Set to 'FREE_APP' or 'PAID_APP' 
#define PAID_APP

Within your application, you then write code simimar to the following:

#ifdef PAID_APP
  @interface myViewController : UITableViewController 
  @interface myViewController : UITableViewController <CustomTableAppDelegate> 

This is by no means the best all around approach as you still have update the info.plist file to set the executable name and bundle identifier. However, in a pinch, it works well to maintain one code base/project.

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Here's another link

I've used this approach and it works pretty well.

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