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I have a rails application that I am trying to integrate devise_invitable into. So, of course the authentication system is Devise. Devise doesn't do the signups rather, it is handled by a CRUD controller so only an admin can use it to sign up.

In my code at the top I have:

class UsersController<ApplicationController

I'm not sure if it has to be changed to

class UsersController<Devise::InvitationsController

because, when I try to do it my route says that /users is not a path.

The CRUD controller is simple with new looking like this:

  def new
    @user =

I also don't think it is the view as I added a debug to to the log file when it gets into it,and it does. Plus, this was working fine before I tried to add devise_invitable.

Any ideas on to why it would not display the form? The console is also not showing any errors.

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I needed to add an equals sign in front of form_for so instead of <% form_for(user)%> use <%=form_for(user)%>

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