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How can I convert the following nested array into xml file? What will the XML file look like?

array('name'=>'Jone Smith','phone'=>'416-689-9865'),
array('name'=>'Jane    Ling','phone'=>'658-985-5222')
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$your_array= array ('key1' => 'val1', 'key2' => 'val2', 'second_array' => array ('key3' => 'val3','key4' => 'val4'),);
$toXml = new SimpleXMLElement('<root/>');
array_walk_recursive($your_array, array ($toXml, 'addChild'));

Other alternate is to use array_walk. The array_walk_recursive() function runs each array element in a user-made function. The array's keys and values are parameters in the function. The difference between this function and the array_walk() function is that with this function you can work with deeper arrays (an array inside an array)

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This is a rather clever solution, but it breaks when a value is empty. Not sure why though. –  zmippie Apr 10 at 11:32

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