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In the EXTJS 3, I am defining a data store and grid, it is working fine. now the issue is the paging, I want to manually control 'Next' button event.

I tried to use 'beforechange' event in the paging, but it doesn't work, because it is 'BEFORE'. how to manually load the store with parameter value ?

The server side is C#.


The store is

  var store = new Ext.data.DirectStore({
            storeId: 'store',
            directFn: Report.Function1,
            autoLoad: false,
            paramsAsHash: false,
            paramOrder: 'param1|start',
            fields: [ ...   ],
            remoteSort: false,          

The paging is

var pager = new Ext.PagingToolbar({
            store: store,
            displayInfo: true,
            pageSize: this.pageSize,

            listeners: {
                beforechange: function (paging, params) {
                    currentPage = params.start;

 function report_search(page) {
    var store = Ext.StoreMgr.lookup('store');

        params: {
            param1: Ext.getCmp("param1").getValue(),           
            start: page.start
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It seems that you want apply a special param to the store before load will be done.
To do this - you need:

this.store.on('beforeload', this.applyParams.createDelegate(this));

applyParams: function(store, options) {
    options.params = options.params || {};

    var params = {
        param1: Ext.getCmp("param1").getValue()

    Ext.apply(options.params, params);

I hope that you don't need to reject 'Next' button click, cause store can be loaded from other places (automatically, manually from other places).

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