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From the Scala API, I got the following example, which does not compile;

scala> def arr[T] = new Array[T](0)
<console>:10: error: cannot find class manifest for element type T
       def arr[T] = new Array[T](0)

I was wondering, why it does not compile (the Scala API does not explain the error) ? Isn't it just a normal parameterized method ? Why does the compiler complain about it ?

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As the compiler error message says, you need a Manifest constraint.

scala> def arr[T : Manifest] = new Array[T](0)
arr: [T](implicit evidence$1: Manifest[T])Array[T]

Learn more about this here. See the paper for more in-depth information.

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Oh, I see, this is an array-specific issue (e.g. def createList[T] = List[T]() works). Thank you, I will have a deeper look on it. – John Threepwood Jul 3 '12 at 20:32
@JohnThreepwood, please consider accepting the answer if it solves your query. – missingfaktor Jul 7 '12 at 18:39

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