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I am trying to pass a type bound procedure as an argument to another subroutine. I want to know if this is possible in fortran 90. Here is a code snippet that shows what I am trying to do .

module type_definitions 
 type test_type 
 integer :: i1, i2,i3
   procedure :: add_integers_up 
 end type test_type
   subroutine add_integers_up(this,i4,ans)
       class(test_type) :: this 
       integer :: i4,ans 
       ans = this%i1+this%i2+this%i3+i4
    end subroutine add_integers_up

subroutine print_result_of_subroutine(i4,random_subroutine) 
  integer :: i4,ans 

     subroutine  random_subroutine(i1,i2) 
       integer:: i1,i2
     end subroutine random_subroutine
  end interface

  call random_subroutine(i4,ans) 
  write(*,*) ans 

end subroutine print_result_of_subroutine

end module type_definitions

program main 
   use type_definitions
   implicit none 
   integer :: i1,i2,i3,i4
   integer :: ans 
   type(test_type) :: test_obj

   i1 =1; i2=2; i3=3
   test_obj%i1 = i1 
   test_obj%i2 = i2 
   test_obj%i3 = i3 
   i4 = 4

   call print_result_of_subroutine(i4,test_obj%add_integers_up) 

    end program main

Is this possible to do in Fortran 90? I get a compiler error when I try to compile this code using ifort.

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test_obj%add_integers_up is not a procedure - it is a binding that happens to be to a procedure called add_integers_up. You cannot pass a binding as an actual argument.

If you want to pass the specific procedure that the binding is associated with, then pass the procedure! Hypothetically:

call print_result_of_subroutine(i4, add_integers_up)

But as other posters have noted, in your example code the interface of that procedure does not match the interface of the corresponding dummy argument in print_result_of_subroutine.

If test_obj%add_integers_up referred to an associated procedure pointer component (and the interface for that component matched what was being expected by the print_result_of_subroutine) then things would work as you appear to be expecting.

Note that Fortran 90 does not support type bound procedures (or procedure pointer components) - your code very much requires Fortran 2003.

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You didn't show us the exact error message you got, and I didn't try your example myself, but I'm pretty sure the problem is that the interface of the procedure dummy argument doesn't correspond to the interface of the actual argument that is passed to it.

More explicitly, random_subroutine is declared as taking two arguments, while test_obj%add_integers_up takes three arguments; even though one of them functions as the passed-object dummy argument, it still counts as part of the interface of that procedure.

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Exactly! I can only add that I would use 'procedure' or 'module procedure' in the interface block and avoid specifying the interface directly. –  Vladimir F Jul 4 '12 at 15:05

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