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Does anyone know of any HMM implementation in .net?

I've some stuff that I did that was basicly reverse engineered from what little knowledge that I have regarding the subject and some c++ code of a very domain specific application that one of my professors did.

I want to improve it somewhat and having another's work that is in the same language to compare to can really help to see if I've got it right or not.

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A quick Google search returned this C# implementation of what appears to be a Hidden Markov Model (they said it was an n-gram, but the implementation appears to be an HMM).

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I'm sure it's very late, but maybe this will serve for reference for other people looking: the Accord.NET framework integrates a simple, efficient implementation of HMMs.

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Broken link, try code.google.com/p/accord –  Ian Mercer Jul 15 '12 at 16:21

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