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I know that I can set it's style to "display: none"

However, that just hides it.

I really want to kill a DOM element and all of it's children.

The context is that I'm building a desktop-like GUI system (for learning purposes) inside of a DOM, and when a "window" is closed, I want that DIV and all it's children to be removed.

Thus, in JavaScript, how to I tell the GC "hey, get rid of this DOM element, it's no longer needed"?


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Remove it from the DOM, let your reference get destroyed or fill it with nothing. – TheZ Jul 3 '12 at 20:57

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What about removeChild ?

See for more information

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To remove all elements, I suppose you could set element.innerHTML to an empty string (although I've never tried it myself). Otherwise, you could use element.removeChild(child), as described here.

jQuery also supports $([selector]).remove([selector]), which is more flexible in specifying which elements you want to remove at once. There's more information about jQuery remove here.

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