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Okay, here's an example:

If you hover the 9012 menu, you will have sliced dropped down submenu that is absolute. Remove position:absolute, or overflow:hidden from any of its parents: you will have normal working dropdown menu.

“Overflow-y:visible” will just generate a scrollbar instead of showing menu.

Please help me! I need a regular superfish dropdown menu in such tricky ancestors.

Thank you!

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What's the overflow hidden for? – banzomaikaka Jul 3 '12 at 21:04
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Here, take a look. I'm not sure what the overflow:hidden is for, but would it work applied to the div uland not the div? If so, well do it, and set the position: relative on the div. Take a look ->

Since the absolutely positioned elements becomes relative to the div, it ignores the overflow:hidden; set on the ul.

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