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name = namebox.getText().toString();
Cursor c1 = db.executequery("SELECT _id FROM " + DATABASE_TABLE_CUSTOMER + " where name='" +name+"'" );
_id = c1.getInt(c1.getColumnIndex("name"));
Cursor c2 = db.executequery("SELECT amount FROM " + DATABASE_TABLE_CUSTOMER
        " where _id=" + _id);
Double amount = c2.getDouble(c2.getColumnIndex("amount"));
Cursor c3 = db.executequery("SELECT arrear FROM " + DATABASE_TABLE_CUSTOMER + " where CUSTOMER_ID =" + _id);
arrear = c3.getDouble(c3.getColumnIndex("arrear"));

This is giving me a bad request for field error. The method executequery on my adapter looks like this:

public Cursor executequery(String query) throws SQLException
    Cursor mCursor = db.rawQuery(query, null);
    if(mCursor != null){
    return mCursor;

Can anyone please tell me what Im doing wrong. Im new at this.

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can you post the logcat? –  FoamyGuy Jul 3 '12 at 21:37

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You are being inconsistent when dealing with Cursor1. getColumnIndex("name") cannot succeed because IDs, not names are being SELECTed. It should read getColumnIndex("_id").

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Thanks I noticed it myself some time later. :) –  Anand Prakash Jul 4 '12 at 13:54

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