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I'm creating some reports in Google Analytics. I am trying to write a RegEx that will match



But will not match


Using Reggy (with POSIX Extended), I tried to create an optional group that would match a string beginning with a question mark, followed by any number of characters. I thought


would do the trick, but it ignores the question mark requirement, and matches any string.

I tried some variations:




Et cetera.

Any help is appreciated - Sorry if this has already been asked! I'm new to RegEx.

Thank you!

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Your regexp


will still match anything that contains www.website.com/, no matter what comes after the slash. Have you tried appending a $ (end-of-input marker)?


(Escape the dots for more precision; the ?: is just a way of indicating that the group is of no special meaning and does not have to be remembered -- if you omit this, you can access the contents of the group by \1, e.g., in a replace operation.)

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Thank you. I would have noticed this working, but I was using Reggy's multi-line feature wrong. Like a boss. –  Desiree Cox Jul 5 '12 at 23:30

Try this one

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I would suggest


Either empty or question mark plus some string

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