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I'm trying to understand the asset_pipeline.

I basically have all my website-wide code in style.css.scss (which is @imported in application.css.scss)

I also have a few miscellaneous controllers that have code that I split off into a separate file only to be loaded on that page. For example, in my profiles_controller I have profiles.css.scss and profiles.js

in the documentation it says i can conditionally include those by typing:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag params[:controller] %>

and a similar one for javascript_include_tag

The problem is when i view source on any of my pages that dont have a controller stylesheet it is a 404 file not found. I dont want to have 10 blank files for each controller and 10 blank javascript files (those controllers have hardly any extra css or code, so i put it in the main scss file) ... am i doing this wrong?

Note:I have removed include tree from the JS and css files, as i dont want any file in that folder being included

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In your application layout file, add yield statements like this to pull in the stylesheets you include as one-offs in different views:

= stylesheet_link_tag    "application"
= yield :stylesheets 
= javascript_include_tag "application"
= yield :javascripts 

Then in each view file where you want to include stylesheets:

= content_for :stylesheets do
  = stylesheet_link_tag "controller_name"

= content_for :javascripts do
  = javascript_include_tag "controller_name"

This will include those files in only the views you need them in.

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