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I am building a website in Rails to replace an existing website. In routes.rb I am trying to redirect some of the old URLs to their new equivalents (some of the URL slugs are changing so a dynamic solution is not possible.)

My routes.rb looks like this:

  match "/index.php?page=contact-us" => redirect("/contact-us")
  match "/index.php?page=about-us" => redirect("/about-us")
  match "/index.php?page=committees" => redirect("/teams")

When I visit /index.php?page=contact-us I am not redirected to /contact-us. I have determined this is because Rails is removing the get variables and only trying to match /index.php. For example, If I pass /index.php?page=contact-us into the below routes I will be redirected to /foobar:

  match "/index.php?page=contact-us" => redirect("/contact-us")
  match "/index.php?page=about-us" => redirect("/about-us")
  match "/index.php?page=committees" => redirect("/teams")
  match "/index.php" => redirect("/foobar")

How can I keep the GET variables in the string and redirect the old URLs the way I'd like? Does Rails have an intended mechanism for this?

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I had a similar situation, this is what I did:

Create a controller taking care of redirects with one action

RedirectController < ApplicationController
  def redirect_url
    if params[:page]
      redirect_to "/#{params[:page]}", :status => 301
      raise 404 #how handle your 404

In routes.rb

match "/index.php" => "redirect#redirect_url"
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Thanks, that's an excellent solution. I only made one change, which was to name the controller action something else like redirect_url. If it is named redirect_to then ruby tries to call the controller method redirect_to instead of the existing redirection method and breaks the app. – Michael Jul 5 '12 at 20:50
Ok, I did the change. Thanks. – Wawa Loo Jul 5 '12 at 21:12

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