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Well i got 3 tables:


tb1_id PK


tb2_id PK
tb1_id FK


tb3_id PK
tb2_id FK

and i got this query:

select a.tb1_nome
      ,count(c.tb2_id) as lins 
 from tb1 a 
      left join tb2 b on a.tb1_id=b.tb1_id 
      left join tb3 c on b.tb2_id=c.tb2_id 
 group by b.tb2_id order by a.tb1_id desc

but it doesn't returns all rows of tb1.

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i got 3 tables i need to get all rows of tb2 that matches with tb1 and show the count of all rows of tb3 that matches with tb2

I think that you only need to use INNER JOIN instead of LEFT JOIN. INNER JOIN selects rows that has records on the table joined. Give this a try and have a feed back later :)

SELECT  a.tb1_name,
        COUNT(c.tb2_id) TotalCount
FROM    tb1 a 
          INNER JOIN tb2 b
             on a.tb1_id = b.tb1_id
          INNER JOIN tb3 c
             on b.tb2_id = c.tb2_id
GROUP BY a.tb1_name, b.tb2_id
ORDER BY a.tb2_id DESC
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When you do

left join tb2 b on a.tb1_id=b.tb1_id

maybe you have a typo because b has tb2_id only... no tb1_id

Also, if you need to get ALL tb1 rows even with no matching result on tb2, consider using outer join.

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