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hi all im stuck at my python script i have 2list a&b The list A contain tuple which iuse for looping trought the list The b contain only value that i want to increment so each time the "a" complete i want to return value

for x in a:
  Print " yo"
  print y

and its returning yo a,yo a,yo a,yo a yo b,yo b,yo b,yo b,yo b ...

But i want yo a,yo b,yo c,yo d, yo a,yo b,yo c,yo d ...

Sorry for the exeple but its the best way i can explain thx a lot

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Would you please either work to make the question more clear, or give us code that actually does what you're describing? Currently, I can't understand either the question or the non-working code. –  sblom Jul 3 '12 at 23:37
This code isn't valid Python. Why don't you post the actual code you are running? –  John La Rooy Jul 3 '12 at 23:45

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As bizarre and broken as your code is, each time through the loop you are resetting itert to B.__iter__(). This goes back to the beginning of list B, so Y is always set to "a".

The actual output of the (corrected) code is:


I guess that you need something like this nested loop?

a=b=c=1   # so definition of A succeeds
for x in A:
    for y in B:
        print "yo %s," % y,
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Yea im sorry ,im really not good in english what I meant is Iterating two list a the same time like

for a,b in zip(listA,listB): print a,b

Its basic list iteration im really sorry for my bad English and exemple

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