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I'm using the amazing Pandoc to convert from Markdown to the Slidy slideshow format. I'd like to edit the Slidy CSS but I can't for the life of me figure out where the CSS file is that's getting used. I've found a bunch of slidy.css files here and there and tried modifying them, but Pandoc's Slidy output never changes.

Does anyone know where slidy.css is by default on OSX? Thanks!

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By default pandoc uses the CSS and javascript files from the slidy website. If you want to use local versions, create a directory, say myslidy, with subdirectories scripts and styles. Put slidy.js.gz in scripts and slidy.css in styles. Then call pandoc with the following options:

pandoc -s -t slidy -V slidy-url=myslidy

Pandoc will then link to your local CSS file. If you'd like to include all of this in the HTML file itself, so it doesn't depend on the external myslidy directory, then add the option --self-contained.

Another option is to keep using the slidy script from the slidy website, but substitute your own CSS file. To do that, you'd have to create a custom slidy template with a different stylesheet link. To get your own copy of the default template, do

pandoc -D slidy > my.slidy

Edit the CSS link in this file, and call pandoc with

pandoc -s -t slidy --template my.slidy
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thanks quick response! Trying to get first method to work. (1) In my home directory (/Users/peter/) I created a folder called "myslidy" and put those subfolders and files in it. So i.e. I now have ~/myslidy/scripts and ~/myslidy/styles with the requisite files inside. (2) I edited the styles in ~/myslidy/styles/slidy.css. (3) In Terminal, from my home directory, I call Pandoc: $ pandoc -s -t slidy --self-contained -V slidy-url=myslidy -o Desktop/pandoc_output.html slidy-test.md But the Slidy output still has default styling! What am I doing wrong? –  incandescentman Jul 4 '12 at 2:06
Hm, I just tested the first approach and found what you found. Looking at the code, I see that the --self-contained option sets the slidy-url variable to slidy. I think I did that to avoid dependence on a net connection, but it was probably a bad idea. Anyway, (a) call your directory slidy instead of myslidy or (b) edit the system default, /usr/local/share/pandoc-, or create a local default by putting a revised slidy directory under ~/.pandoc. –  John MacFarlane Jul 4 '12 at 4:49
Ah, thank you so much, that totally worked! Last question: If I want to create a few different stylesheets to create (self-contained) Slidy presentations for different kinds of situations, where do I put the various CSS files and how do I call one vs. another? –  incandescentman Jul 5 '12 at 1:18
Two possibilities. First, you might use the second approach described above, with a custom template. Change the link to the slidy CSS from $slidy-url$/styles/slidy.css to $slidy-css-url$. Then invoke pandoc with pandoc -s -t slidy --template my.slidy -V slidy-css-url /path/to/custom-slidy-css.css. Or you could hardcode the path in the template and use multiple templates. A simpler idea: If your css customizations are not extreme, you might try simply overriding aspects of the default slidy CSS with another CSS file included using the --css option. –  John MacFarlane Jul 5 '12 at 19:36

Specify additional css files with pandoc -t slidy --css my.css .... This doesn't require modifying pandoc's default slidy templates.

(This is in John MacFarlane's earlier comment. I'm just posting it as an answer for higher visibility.)

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