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I am using Wix 3.5 for my project. The project depends on Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package, so I added merge modules in my WIX project. I added following msm files:

<Merge Id="A" Language="0" SourceFile="..\..\Shared\3rdParty\Microsoft\VCRedist\x86\Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86.msm" DiskId="1" />
<Merge Id="B" Language="0" SourceFile="..\..\Shared\3rdParty\Microsoft\VCRedist\x86\Microsoft_VC80_ATL_x86.msm" DiskId="1" />
<Merge Id="C" Language="0" SourceFile="..\..\Shared\3rdParty\Microsoft\VCRedist\x86\Microsoft_VC80_MFC_x86.msm" DiskId="1" />
<Merge Id="D" Language="0" SourceFile="..\..\Shared\3rdParty\Microsoft\VCRedist\x86\Microsoft_VC80_MFCLOC_x86.msm" DiskId="1" />
<Merge Id="E" Language="0" SourceFile="..\..\Shared\3rdParty\Microsoft\VCRedist\x86\Microsoft_VC80_OpenMP_x86.msm" DiskId="1" />

<Feature Id="XXX" Level="1">
   <ComponentRef Id="DBLib" />
        <MergeRef Id="A"/>
        <MergeRef Id="B"/>
        <MergeRef Id="C"/>
        <MergeRef Id="D"/>
        <MergeRef Id="E"/>

When I see the logs it seems that merge modules are getting installed (It doesn't show any type of errors). And when I ran the software it works normally as well (Indicates that merge modules were installed properly).

The problem is, during the installation, one of custom action runs a function (Calls SQL Server) which depends on the merge modules (VC Redist package) and that function fails because it cannot find the dependencies.

Now am I doing anything wrong? I assume that merge modules get installed at the end of installation and since my custom action runs during the installation it fails.

One more question, where do these merge modules get installed? I mean in the feature directory (in which I have referred the merge module) or in the windows/system32 or winsxs folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ali

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In what order do you see the failing CA and the merge module insttalation in the log file? –  harper Jul 4 '12 at 6:05
Merge module authors can decide where to install. There's a special folder name for the location where you refer the merge mdule, than can be used as installation directory. But I think, the vcredist is always installed in the system directory (WinSxS). –  harper Jul 4 '12 at 6:08
Yes, I can see the files in WinSxS.. I also checked the log file, it tried to run the custom action and fails, and after that it publishes the assembly from msm files (Which makes the software run fine after installation). Can I somehow call the publish assembly before my customaction? –  Ali Jul 4 '12 at 16:11
So I just checked there is a tag MsiPublishAssemblies, I think I can provide a sequence so that it can run before my custom actions, but the sequence only takes integers, how can I find the right integer so that it runs before my custom actions? –  Ali Jul 4 '12 at 16:26

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