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wow.. some of my dreams just got true :) Great Tools! Still I've got a problem with it. I've got a pretty fresh install of eclipse 4.2 + Android Development Tools 20 + Google App Engine Tools for Android 3.0.1 + Google Plugin for Eclipse 4.2 3.0.1

When I create a new clean Android Project and try to "generate app engine backend" I get an error and a lot of missing dependencies and code.. Error message is useless and console tells me everything worked

Error: Error in Generating Backend Project

Console: DataNucleus Enhancer (version 1.1.4) : Enhancement of classes DataNucleus Enhancer completed with success for 1 classes. Timings : input=80 ms, enhance=44 ms, total=124 ms. Consult the log for full details

In my Create Wizard I also don't have the option for App Engine Connected Android Project

I double checked I've got all dependencies freshly installed via "Install new Software"

Link to Installed Software: http://sharetext.org/EFS2

I had the same Problem with Eclipse 3 and deleted it and made this new fresh install of Eclipse 4.2

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I'm having the exact same problem. Have you made any headway?


Based on this: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/google-plugin-eclipse/QIgMgvAdn3o/hdiLLD3HQeQJ I think we're supposed to hold off until the documentation is updated.

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I had too the same exact problem. Instead of Eclipse 4.2 try using Eclipse 3.7 Indigo. It did work for me.

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It was a bug which got fixed in one of the later versions, if you run into this check to update your GooglePlugin for Eclipse

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