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I have 3 tables in SQLite database:


_id | name | length | artist_id (foreign key) | album_id (foreign key)


_id | name


_id | name

I need a query (use it in an Android app) of a table that consists of the following columns:

_id | name | length | artist_id | artist_name | album_id | album_name

However, I write the following query statement:

SELECT Songs._id, Songs.name, Songs.length, Songs.artist_id, Artists.name, Songs.album_id, Albums.name FROM Songs, Artists, Albums WHERE Songs.artist_id = Artists._id AND Songs.album_id = Albums._id

but it gives me an empty table. I tried OR instead of AND and it gives incorrect results (every song duplicates in each album, though the artist is correct). How can I fix my query statement to join the 3 tables in a single table?

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Using an explicit JOIN instead of an implicit one, the following should get what you want, although it is curious that your implicit join syntax did not return correct results in the first place. I have used a LEFT JOIN, to account for songs which do not have an associated artist or album, but that may not be necessary for your data set and an INNER JOIN could be used instead.

I have also added column aliases to eliminate ambiguity when fetching rows, since you have similar column names in most of your tables (id, name).

  Songs._id AS song_id,
  Songs.name AS song_name, 
  Songs.artist_id AS artist_id, 
  Artists.name AS artist_name, 
  Songs.album_id AS album_id, 
  Albums.name AS album_name
 LEFT JOIN Artists ON Songs.artist_id = Artists._id
 LEFT JOIN Albums ON Songs.album_id = Albums._id
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I was just writing the same thing. But, he would probably need a LEFT JOIN in case a Song doesn't have a tag for an Arist or Album. –  mburn7 Jul 4 '12 at 1:33
@MadBurn Was just changing that –  Michael Berkowski Jul 4 '12 at 1:34
Works just great. Much appreciate it. Thanks :) –  Eng.Fouad Jul 4 '12 at 1:53
I have group_concat in my select if i join only 1 table everything works fine but another join mess up whole query records are repeating. –  Muhammad Babar Feb 10 at 14:56
@MuhammadBabar You probably have a mis-application of GROUP BY. You should post it as a different question. –  Michael Berkowski Feb 10 at 16:43

try sql inner join

           inner join Artists on Songs.artist_id = Artists._id
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