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I use jQuery UI tabs(). I write the code like this.. First, I made tabs using for(){}. And I connected .live() to tabsdiv. But the problem is that only first tabs click event is operating, the other tabs`s click event is not working. How can I connect .live() or .bind()? Help me please. HTML code

<div class="MYTABS" id="tabs">
            <% for(int i=0, n=scheduleList.size();i<n;i++){%>
                <li><a href="#fragment<%=i%>"><span><%=scheduleList.get(i).getName()%></span></a></li>

        <% for(int i=0, n=scheduleList.size();i<n;i++){%>
            <div class="TABCONTENT" id="fragment<%=i%>"><%=scheduleList.get(i).getName()%>
                <div class="OFFTIME"><span>CURRENT TIME : </span><%=scheduleList.get(i).getOffTime()%></div>
                <div class="PLUS"><img id="year_Plus" src="../img/schedule/date_plus.png"/></div>
                <div class="TIME"><img src="../img/schedule/date_middle.png"/></div>
                <div class="MINUS"><img id="year_Minus" src="../img/schedule/date_minus.png"/></div>
                <img class="AMPM" id="am" src="../img/schedule/date_am.png"  onclick="toggleAmPm(;"/>
                <img class="SETBTN" src="../img/schedule/btn_set.png" onclick="saveOffTime();"/>

                <div class="TIMETEXT" id="yearText" ><%=yyYear%></div>
                <div class="TIMETEXT" id="monthText"><%=zeroMonth %></div>
                <div class="TIMETEXT" id="dayText"><%=zeroDay %></div>
                <div class="TIMETEXT" id="hourText"><%=zeroHour %></div>
                <div class="TIMETEXT" id="minuteText"><%=zeroMinute %></div>

JavaScript code

// make tabs
var tabOption = {
    select: function(event, ui){
var usageTabs = jQuery("#tabs").tabs(tabOption);

// click event
jQuery(".PLUS>img, .MINUS>img").on("click", function(){
    var clickedTime ="_");

    // plus and minus
    var timeText = jQuery("#"+clickedTime[0]+"Text");
    var calcTime = "";
    if(clickedTime[1] === "Plus"){
        calcTime = parseInt(timeText.text(),10) + 1 ;
        calcTime = parseInt(timeText.text(),10) - 1 ;

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.live is being deprecated so use .on instead. – David East Jul 4 '12 at 1:35
I had used .on() but there is same problem. Because I`m a beginner....I think my code has problem of div's Id. – kww1023 Jul 4 '12 at 1:57
Is that your entire JS code? Wait for dom ready before calling tabs or binding to the click event. $(document).ready({ /* YOUR CODE HERE */ }); – nbrooks Jul 4 '12 at 1:59
I edit the question code of click event function – kww1023 Jul 4 '12 at 2:13
I solved this problem. I edited the div`s id like <div class="YEARTEXT" id="yearText_<%=i %>" ><%=yyYear%></div>. So the code works correctly! Thank you for your attention. – kww1023 Jul 4 '12 at 2:29

Load #second after #main :)

$(function() {
    $( "#main" ).tabs({
        ajaxOptions: {
            success: function( xhr, status ) {


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