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I just need to put the item value to ActionLink.

What I have is the following:

grid.Column(format: (item) => Html.ActionLink("Report", "CombinedData", new { id = item.ChainID })),
grid.Column("OwnerName", "Owner"),

So I need instead of "Report" put the "OwnerName" to see the Owner there to exclude 1 extra line (grid.Column("OwnerName", "Owner"),)

How is it possible to do?

Thank you!

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@Xander Hmm I guess it is a standard MVC3 Grid –  Dimi Jul 4 '12 at 1:40
@Xander I just use @grid.GetHtml( and etc... no any special DLLs :) –  Dimi Jul 4 '12 at 1:50

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grid.Column(format: (item) => Html.ActionLink(
    new { id = item.ChainID }

Be careful because the ActionLink helper doesn't accept null and Empty strings as first argument. So if potentially you could have null or Empty OwnerName properties on your model you will have to test for this condition and put some generic, non-empty name. Or simply add a calculated field on your view model that will do this job:

grid.Column(format: (item) => Html.ActionLink(
    new { id = item.ChainID }
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Yes Yes Yes! Thank you Darin!!! –  Dimi Jul 4 '12 at 11:54

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