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this is relevant question to this and i did like this answer

require_once 'SeleniumTestCase/Driver.php';
$driver = new PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase_Driver();

and it works fine but there is no cssselector or way to get attribute values like size (width - height) so i think using Selenium2 is better so i check

and i found the same issue with selecting element (note: there is select by id and class but there is no nested selector like this selector ("div.father div#child") in this example i can get father but i cant get the child for this specific father) so what can i do?

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Once you want to do anything beyond the basic 'open a page and click a link' commands in Selenium, XPath becomes the best way of navigating around a document. For example, if you wanted to test the width of div.father div#child, something like (untested):

$driver->assertEquals("//div[@class='father']/div[@id='child']/@width", "500");

There are plenty of resources about on the subject. This tutorial has a detailed run though, if you ignore where it breaks into Java at the end.

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