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I have 2 tables as below

 date (timestamp)
 ip (varchar)
 value1 (int)
 value2 (int)

 starting_ip (varchar)
 ending_ip (varchar)
 provider (varchar)

I am trying to lookup client_table entries with ip_address_table table to find the average per hour if the ip address is within the range. (if it's not within the range ignore the row) Below is what i have come up with

SELECT avg(value1),avg(value2)
FROM client_table
GROUP BY DATE(date),HOUR(date)

But, it does not give the correct output. i had a look at http://blog.jcole.us/2007/11/24/on-efficiently-geo-referencing-ips-with-maxmind-geoip-and-mysql-gis/ but struggling to write a stored function to simplify the task any help appreciated


EDIT: My sample data is below

"date"  "ip"    "value1"    "value2"
"2012-01-10 06:38:29"   "" "1049"  "301"
"2012-01-11 06:41:35"   ""  "16453" "794"
"2012-01-12 06:43:50"   "" "1712"  "410"
"2012-01-13 06:44:04"   ""    "6594"  "863"
"2012-01-14 06:45:00"   ""  "879"   "614"

"starting_ip" "ending_ip" "provider"
"" "" provider1
"" "" provider1
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I have choose not to use this method as the performance is really poor. Thanks all for the help –  Linus Jul 12 '12 at 1:42

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I don't see you're using the ip table, maybe try something like this (not tested):

SELECT avg(value1),avg(value2)
FROM client_table c, ip_address_table ip
GROUP BY DATE(date),HOUR(date)
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Thanks for the advice, but the above query doesnt seems to be lookup the ip address correctly.for each ip in client_table row, it needs to be looked up in the ip_address_table table (check if that range is present) and give the provider info. does the above query achieve the same? –  Linus Jul 4 '12 at 23:30
Yes, just add the provider to the selected fields. I assume here that there is a single match for each IP, otherwise you will get multiple rows for the same ip. –  krakover Jul 18 '12 at 7:41

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