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When a form in Django has validation errors, the errors are given in a list with class errorlist.

Elements can be given an error style with Bootstrap by setting class="alert alert-error".

What is the best way to combine these, and use Bootstrap's error style for validation errors on Django forms?

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In Twitter Bootstrap, input elements are enclosed between "control-group" div or fieldset. So I would do something like this in template

{%for field in form %}
<div class="control-group {%if field.errors %}error{%endif%}">
{# render your field #}
{% endfor %}

Note: In bootstrap, class="alert alert-error" seems to be for alert messages and not for field specific errors.

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Just a brief comment - with Bootstrap 3, you need "has-error" instead of "error" as the class. – Alexandra Sep 30 '14 at 18:38
also with Bootstrap 3 its form-group not control group. See below. – AdamG Jan 18 at 20:59

It's already been styled! :)

These libraries act as a wrapper around your form and adds the relevant class names that is used in Django Bootstrap such that you have a base style (bootstrap default) out of the box

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In Bootstrap 3, input elements are enclosed between "form-group" divs and the error class has changed to has-error.

{%for field in form %}
  <div class="form-group {%if field.errors %}has-error{%endif%}">
    {# render your field #}
{% endfor %}
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