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I need to perform bulk insetion into a sqlite database in visual studio. Does anybody know how to do this?

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You might want to look at this answer to a similar question here on SO. –  lexu Jul 15 '09 at 15:51

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With SQLite you can do this by opening a transaction, looping through all your data and executing the relevant SQL INSERT commands, and than commit the transaction. This is the fastest way to perform bulk inserts in SQLite.

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This is the fastest way for any ADO compliant DB driver : sqlite.phxsoftware.com/forums/t/134.aspx One note is that the connection needs to be open before you BeginTransaction –  basarat Apr 4 '11 at 13:44

I needed to do the same thing, I found this answer on the Sqlite.Net forum, might be of interest for someone.


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You can just write a regular insert statement and loop through your dataset, inserting the relevant data into the query string before running it against the database.

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I wrote a class to help facilitate bulk inserts in SQLite. Hopefully it's helpful:



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    private void prepareConnectionForBulkInsert(SQLiteConnection cn)

        SQLiteCommand stmt;

        stmt = new SQLiteCommand("PRAGMA synchronous=OFF", cn);

        stmt = new SQLiteCommand("PRAGMA count_changes=OFF", cn);

        stmt = new SQLiteCommand("PRAGMA journal_mode=MEMORY", cn);

        stmt = new SQLiteCommand("PRAGMA temp_store=MEMORY", cn);

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