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can anyone please explain to me what template_bundle_id for in facebook js.. Example below template_bundle_id is hardcoded

FB.Connect.showFeedDialog(53126803199, null, target, null, null, FB.RequireConnect.promptConnect);

1.what is the use of template_bundle_id if i can hardcode the template_bundle_id ?
2. is unique template_bundle_id need to assign to each facebook js method that i call subsequently or i can use the same template_bundle_id number?

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If I remember correctly, you cannot publish a feed story without having a template for it. The template defines the general content of the feed, and provides placeholders for variables.

Each template is uniquely identified with a template_bundle_id. It is called a bundle id because you define a template for short stories, full stories, etc.

Whenever you want to publish a feed story, you provide facebook with the template_bundle_id and the contents of the variables that are to be filled.

You can register template bundles either by code (if you have dynamic requirements for the templates, using Feed.registerTemplateBundle), or using the console here.

You could just use one template, but all your feed stories would look the same.

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