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I cant seem to figure the best approach to a PHP problem. I want to accomplish the following

  1. I get a string that is, ie. 1000 characters in lenght
  2. I want to split a string into 2.
  3. The first string need to be 600 characters based on the following condition: a) String should only be split if after a period
  4. The second section of the string can be the remainder.

I know how to check the length of a string strlen($string) and I know how to explode a string into substrings using ie. explode(). However, I am not sure how to bring everything together.

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If the period comes after say 100 th position ? you want to split ? –  coolguy Jul 4 '12 at 3:46
period refers to what??? explain it a little more –  swapnesh Jul 4 '12 at 3:46
Your title says 700 chars but your question says 600. Which is it? Also, for clarification: should the string be split at all if a period does not occur until after the 600 (or 700) characters? Or should the string be split no matter what, either at the 600/700 character mark, or at the period if it doesn't come until later in the string? –  Matt Jul 4 '12 at 3:47
It would be fine if period comes after 100th. Doesnt matter how many chars at this point. I just want to split given a lenght, but only after the end of the paragraph. To simply things, I would simply opt for a (.) –  AKKA-Web Jul 4 '12 at 7:48

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I have used, its works.. you have try this...

        $app_title="HIOX INDIA.COM, a leading business web hosting company, is

   currently involved in web services, software/application development, web content 

   development, web hosting, domain registration, internet solutions and web design.";

        echo "<br>Before :".$app_title;
        if(strlen($app_title) > $length) { 
        $app_title1 = substr($app_title, 0,strpos($app_title, ' ', $length));}
        $app_title2=split ( $app_title1 , $app_title);
        echo "<br><br>After1 :".$app_title1;
        echo "<br><br>After2 :".$app_title2[1];

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  1. Use substr() to yank out everything after 600 chars from the original string.
  2. Do a strpos() on that resulting sub-string to find the first .
  3. Use the pos + 600 to do a substr on the original string and use that position as your split point.
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Using substr() you can get part of a string defining a initial position and the lenght of the substring. For example:

Getting the first 600 characters:

$first = substr ( $input , 0 , 600 );

Getting the remaining:

$second = substr ( $input , 600 );
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