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I have a remote server on which I have created a bare git repository.

I would like to create a hook so that a given script is run on the latest code received on any given branch.

I know the post-receive hook can be used for it. However I want to do the following:

  1. Get hold of the branch on which code was received.
  2. Checkout the code in a temp location and run an operation on it.

How do I do the above?

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See both techniques combined in "Git post-receive for multiple remote branches and work-trees":


while read oldrev newrev ref
  branch=`echo $ref | cut -d/ -f3`

  if [ "master" == "$branch" ]; then
    git --work-tree=/path/under/root/dir/live-site/ checkout -f $branch
    echo 'Changes pushed live.'

  if [ "dev" == "$branch" ]; then
    git --work-tree=/path/under/root/dir/dev-site/ checkout -f $branch
    echo 'Changes pushed to dev.'
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