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You may think its a stupid question. But I need this. Is it possible to hide exception throw message. I am experiencing some problems with exception message, actually it is very important thing at the time debugging, But in my case I don't want to display them anymore

Is there any way like php display_errors off ?

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put this in the first line of your code error_reporting(0); – Adi Jul 4 '12 at 5:18



You can also write your error message into a txt file for example in the catch block (without displaying it on your screen)

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Add ini_set('display_errors', false); at the beginning.

You'd better not turn off error_reporting by error_reporting(0);, you need to check the error msg in log and had better to fix the error.

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You can use the error_reporting function to enable / disable what errors appear. The PHP man page has examples of the various options available, you probably want this:

// Turn off all error reporting

If there is a specific part of your code that is throwing an exception, you may wish to use a try / catch block to handle it rather than blocking it out.

If you have a production server, you may wish to turn off displaying errors but still record them. Changing the configuration file on the server and setting display_errors to 0 is ideal since then you can keep your code identical between servers.

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