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Is there any way to link from an package-info.java to another package outside of this package (in the same Project)?

If I try to do this in java 7 I always get:

warning - Tag @link: reference not found:
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Did you find out how to do this yet? (and: you do want to reference another package, not someting inside the package, right?) –  scravy Dec 24 '13 at 13:28
@scravy actually this question is really old. I think I never found a solution (this was for a project with a very near dead line). I'll take another look at it in the new year. –  someonr Dec 24 '13 at 13:34

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A plain link with a @docroot works for the standard Java doclet:

 * See the 
 * <a href="{@docRoot}/com/mycorp/package-summary.html#package_description">
 *    package overview
 * </a> for more information.

It does not matter whether you need this in package-info.java or in a class, the {@link} tag cannot handle links to packages.

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you have to import the used Package so javadoc knows the the namespace you are refering to.

package-info.java should look link this:

import package.subpackage.ClassnameYouWantToLink;
* {@link ClassnameYouWantToLink}

if you don't want to import the package you need the full quallified package-Name infront of the ClassName:

* {@link package.subpackage.ClassnameYouWantToLink}
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I think the op wants to link to the package, not an object inside the package. –  scravy Dec 24 '13 at 13:27
A package is a folder and cannot contain a Java-doc itself (and you are only able to link to files). So as a convention you add a package-info class in the package and link to this class. –  Simulant Dec 24 '13 at 13:59
You cannot use an import in package-info.java for this purpose. The import comes after the package and the javadoc is on the package element, so the import is after the javadoc and the javadoc compiler does not see it. –  Ingo Kegel Jan 9 at 12:30

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