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I am using the Facebook JavaScript SDK in my web app. The following function will be invoked when I click on a Facebook invite button

facebookInvite: (e) ->
    method: "apprequests"
    message: "Become my Buddie"
    filters: [ "app_non_users" ]
    title: "Become my Buddie"
  , (response) ->
    if response and response.request_ids
      $howManyInvites = String(requests).split(",").length

Everything seemed to work fine i.e popup appears with my friends list

enter image description here

However, after clicking on 'send request', I only see a blank screen popup

enter image description here

Also, the request did not seem to go through at all.

Anything I missed out in my implementation?

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looks like you missing requests variable, shouldn't it be response.request_ids.split(',') instead? – Juicy Scripter Jul 4 '12 at 7:12
What's the console telling you? – Nick Dima Jul 5 '12 at 10:22

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The apprequest dialog only works for canvas apps...

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