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I have the following template code,presently i m getting for loop counter as label for my formset. How can i get elements of array 'month' (eg month.counter, where counter is loop) as my label?? I tried {{month.forloop.counter}} but that didnt worked




<h1>Actuals Data</h1>

<h2>Your Account Number is : {{ Account_Number }}</h2>
<h2>You Chose {{ Year }} {{month}} as period.</h2>

{% if form.errors %}

    <p style="color: red;">
   Please correct the error{{ form.errors|pluralize }}below.</p>

   {% endif %}

<form action="." >
    {{ formset.management_form }}


      {% for form in formset %}


            <div class="field">
                {{ form.Value.errors }}
                <label for="id_Value">{{months}}.{{forloop.counter}}</label>
                {{ form.Value }}

      {% endfor %}




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You can do this using custom templatetags. Sample code is given below:

add following to /{app_name}/templatetags/app_tags.py

from django import template
register = template.Library()

def month(value, counter):
        month = value[counter]
    except IndexError:
        month = ""
    return month

put following in your template

{% load app_tags %}


{% for form in formset %}
    <div class="field">
        {{ form.Value.errors }}
        <label for="id_Value">{{ months|counter:forloop.counter }}</label>
        {{ form.Value }}
{% endfor %}


View this link, some person has also tried different methods to do this; although none of them worked. ;)

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thanks for ur help...jst that there ws a small error in ur code,in the template it should be <label for="id_Value">{{ months|month:forloop.counter0 }}</label> –  nimeshkiranverma Jul 4 '12 at 8:06

There isn't ready-made filter/tag for this in django template. You could try writing your custom filter/tag. Refer Custom template tags and filters

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