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In JSF, how can I invoke method in case of conversion failing on any of input fields? I guess I can write my own converters and do all the stuff there, but isn't there a more simple way?

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You could use a PreRenderViewEvent listener, and in that method check if validation has failed. This listener method will be called every time just before the view is rendered.


Consider the following Facelet:

<html xmlns=""


        <f:event listener="#{onErrorBean.onPreRenderView}" type="preRenderView" />

            <h:inputText value="#{onErrorBean.test}" label="test" required="true" />

            <h:commandButton value="Submit" action="#{onErrorBean.onSuccess}" />


And the following backing bean:

public class OnErrorBean {

    private String test;

    public void onPreRenderView() {
        if (FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().isValidationFailed()) {

    public void onSuccess() {

    public void onError() {

    public String getTest() {
        return test;

    public void setTest(String test) {
        this.test = test;


If you press the button without entering a value you'll see "Error!" being printed in your console, enter a value and you'll see "Success!".

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Works perfectly, thank you! – Vladimir M. Jul 4 '12 at 10:17
You're welcome :) – Arjan Tijms Jul 4 '12 at 11:19

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