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I'm trying to develop a motion capture software that uses 8 ps3 eye cameras to capture images at 320x240 resolution and at 100Hz.

I'm able to calibrate cameras and calculate 3D coordinates of 41 markers placed on human model at different points of the body including all joints.(with the help of epipolar geometry and stereo vision)

The problem I'm having right now is I need a real-time procedure to associate markers to human body structure.

What I mean by this is: say I detected a marker and I need a real-time solution to say that this marker belongs to right shoulder joint or this marker is in between left elbow and left wrist.

Is it possible to kindly help me find a method to associate markers to specific points of human skeleton in real time like major motion capture software developing companies do?

How do Vicon, Autodesk, Natural Point etc. do this in real-time?

Any other comment regarding this matter is welcome.

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Geussing that its some sort of machine learning based on data they have captured. –  Zac Jul 4 '12 at 6:17
Is it possible to kindly give links where I can get more info about this? –  mvr950 Jul 4 '12 at 7:37

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